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4.3 Can We Play the Piano to Design a New Protein?

Watch the harmonics GIF and listen to the audio clips from the video lesson again below.

Classical ExampleAI PianoGuitarTranspositionProtein SynthesisFour NotesViola and Protein Mutations

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Luke Gurbin
This is a very new concept to think of, but if a protein can be music, it can be made on any instrument.
Luke Gurbin
We have not started to search exo-planets based upon sound yet. Only light... Spectroscopy... But is sound possible to travel at the Einsteinian constant? Such a method could work in the Earth-moon system, possibly also for inner, telluric planets in the Solar System. Sound monitoring will get too lost over distance. But spectra is not lost. So light spectra made into sound can increase accuracy of data acquisition. The four moons of Jupiter may be a limit for sound research, as HAARP now listens to Jupiter.

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