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4.5 Designing Protein through Music

Use an Android app, if you have access, and design your own protein. If you do not have an android device, try one of these emulators to run the app (e.g., ARChon) or for Mac.

Download the amino acid synthesizer app here

Use it to play a 10-note melody. The app will display the notes as 1-letter amino acid code sequence. Write down or copy the amino acid sequence from the app (stored in the 1-letter code). Translate the 1-letter code and write out the full name of the amino acids in the sequence played using this table (click the table to view it in a new tab):

A guide to the twenty common amino acids

Think about what protein you think you have generated.

Now, play this melody, which is the sequence of a silk protein:

How does it sound? Learn more about the protein.

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