World Science Scholars
5.1 Holograms and Symmetry

In 2019, the Event Horizon Telescope imaged the M87 black hole. Watch Shep Doeleman's World Science Festival program On the Shoulders of Giants to learn more about how the Telescope captured this image and what it means for our understanding of black holes.

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Ankit Dhaikar
It would be really amazing to see event horizon telescopes analyzing the symmetry of blackhole
Luke Gurbin
The observation of Tesla to both quantify and qualify black light lead to other perceptions of black holes. In Nunavut, because it is circumpolar, it allows a person to think differently of light. More in terms of green as warm and light blue as cold, there do exist many colour spectrum charts, trees, wheels, cones, etc. Shadows of planes are rainbows when all the clouds are orange in the sky. We may more fully fathom black holes when in their environment.

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