World Science Scholars
5.2 Summary
  • Protein music is complex because it doesn’t follow typical musical conventions.
    • It is very difficult for human musicians to understand this music because of their cultural context.
  • Using AI, computers can learn the language of music.
    • Computers are trained to understand the patterns of conventional music, which will then allow the computers to produce compositions. The computer will create a more complicated composition based on the original from a musician.
    • Using protein music the computer will create a more complicated composition, which can be translated back into amino acids and used to create a new protein.
    • These new proteins, discovered by creating new music, do not exist in nature but can be made into an actual physical substance in the lab.
    • An example of a type of new protein that scientists are looking to design, using this process, is a protein that you can put around food to extend shelf life.

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