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2.4 Modified Newtonian Dynamics

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    • As Professor Khoury says, MOND perfectly predicts the rotation curves of galaxies, even those observed after Milgrom created the theory. This does not mean that the fundamental laws of gravity as determined by Einstein needs to be altered–MOND instead alters Newtonian gravity to more accurately capture observed gravitational behavior at galactic scales. Do you feel it is a worthwhile pursuit to further refine Newtonian gravity instead of seeking a resolution to the problem of quantum gravity? Why?

    • MOND is indeed worth while pursuing. For one, the presented evidence of galaxy rotation curves fit extremely well, even as prediction (!). Then, the Cornell archive contains lots of articles dealing with MOND and confirming the applicability for galaxy clusters as well (there are some fundamental misinterpretations around which obviously are maintained here). Moreover, and this is a hypothesis intensely discussed lately: the MOND-acceleration is pretty much in the same order of magnitude as the multiplication of H (the Hubble factor) and c (speed of light); an extremely fundamental relationship that should be examined further.

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