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4.7 Relativity of Simultaneity

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    • Professor Brian Greene writes, “When I first learned about the relativity of simultaneity, it radically reshaped my basic understanding of reality. Now, decades later, I still find it to be an absolutely stunning fact about how time works. For those of you who have never encountered the relativity of simultaneity before, did you have the same reaction? And for those who have seen it before, does it still blow your mind? Is there any fact about physics that you consider stranger?”

    • Yeah. It’s completely change my understanding about the behaviour of light.

    • What would happen if the same experiment occured using sounds waves instead? Imagine that the forward and backward presidents agreed to sign the agreement once they heard the sound of a horn that was placed at an equidistant point between them whilst on the train. Will the stationary observers agree that that event took place at the same moment?

    • yes because the speed of sound is relative to observer not an constant .

    • I think that, since the sound waves are transmitted through the air which itself is being carried by the train, the sound will hit the presidents at the same time in both frames of reference.

    • If the relativity of simultaneity is different for different people on the earth then what happens in space??? Is it different there too???

    • so basically it tells us relativity of simultaneity is relative to the vision/perspective of the person

    • yes thats right

    • wow thats right

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    • What if we have a laser gun at equidistant shooting them at the same time? (who will die first?)

    • Yes it still seems incredible to me… only thing stranger is when I think about the fact that an objects journey to the depth of a black hole is instantaneous but on hold for possibly billions of years for us.

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