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3.6 LIGO’s Success

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    • What does LIGO mean to you? How does LIGO compare to other major scientific achievements of the 20th and 21st centuries?

    • I believe LIGO truly showcases the great discoveries that can be made by humanity when engineers and physicists come together from across the world to push the boundaries of science. LIGO especially showcases the thorough scientific methodology that is required to arrive at breakthrough findings. Being able to create detectors with that amount of precision requires great engineering and understanding of noise elimination. Once the data had been recorded, it was especially interesting to compare Einstein’s theory to the real data, seeing how both models worked hand-in-hand. LIGO pushed the boundaries of accuracy in instrumentation and international collaboration, proving that science keeps improving — it is a major scientific achievement of our time.

    • I think LIGO has the potential to be an extraordinary research tool.Between LIGO, quantum computing, and some of the new telescopes, hopefully will be able to provide better direction and focus for Theoretical Physicists.

    • all the information about detecting gravitational waves just opened my mind for lot more then before. incredible!

    • LIGO will help a lot with investigationssss. This is just incredible

    • I think LIGO, along with experiment facilities like CERN provide good reason to pursue science. LIGO in particular, shows how we must not give up on science. And it really fills people like me with tons of curiosity.

    • This is a new window on the universe.

    • Advancement in science and new innovations for the industry, i.e. technology transfer.

    • LIGO is the latest and one of the major scientific undertakings in human history.
      It has pushed the limits of measurement to the range where quantum effects take place.
      It has benefited from the creativity of great minds across the world in order design state of the the art detection devices
      It has effectively demonstrated the existence of phenomena that Einstein himself predicted and considered unmeasurable.
      LIGO is the gateway to a totally new way of observing the universe.
      We are so lucky to be alive at this point in history as to learn from the discovery of these waves!
      It will bring our knowledge of Astronomy and Cosmology to limits we can hardly imagine today

    • According to me LIGO has changed the way of looking to the cosmology! The GWs LIGO detected can penetrate thorough every thing in the universe and the data obtained can study them.

    • The observation of the black holes merging took my breath away. On one hand the magnificence, nearly impossible, engineering. But even more so it brought an insignificant theoretical wave into reality. In an instant from practically speaking useless, to a new way to observe the universe, including things that can’t be observed any other way. Since this is a new way of looking, the new knowledge will be amazing.
      OK this is a personal feeling there may have been uses of GWs before LIGO, however I’m not in the field and not aware of them.

    • I am very appreciative of the positive influence of international collaborative efforts involved in this project. LIGO is evidence of the better parts of humanity, striving and preserving in perilous times. Science has always served as a significant global bonding force that unites humanity in furtherance of a greater good. As above, so below.

    • yes LIGO would be our first step to understand the universe deeply and in the way ahead of the newtonian way.

    • “Gravity” has been a unexplored territory to experimentation due to the low frequencies and extreme sensitivity required for measuring. LIGO has brought in a proof that gravitational valves exist and it has stunned the world with its 2016 observation. As Dr. Rai Weiss has explained, one achieving the further low freq. detections, we can expect a lot to come in this field.

    • Working for LIGO is my dream…
      I am studying all I can to reach there

    • Wonderful

    • yes

    • Achievement in science, that’s what LIGO represents.

    • LIGO will be yet another one of time our greatest inventions as a species. Tools have always served us and this is a tool which will enhance our sensory abilities and therefore our reality as it aids us as an eye capable of detecting gravitational waves and provides solid evidence supporting a theory that has seen a lack of supporting evidence for centuries.

    • if you replicate the full experiment, at a quantum level, for instance a quantum interferometer that can detect when small particle collide, you can complement CERN at making predictions like how the higgs field is affect by such collisions….These are my thoughts: LIGO is a large version of such experiment, and QIGO could be the quantum level derivation which can achieve such a thing…my real question is, why not marry both CERN and LIGO to achieve the QIGO/LHC. Kind of a weird thought, but science started from weird, which later was named, science fiction, which later turned out to be verifiable and confirmed, leading to the Laws of Physics, etc. I say, build QIGO/LHC and you can intensify the reality of how particles under collision, specially the Higgs Field behave.

    • What does LIGO mean to you?
      LIGO represents the start of a deeper understanding of the fabric of physics. We will learn where and how things create and move. The detail on energy transfer will be significant contributions to our total understanding of the cosmos.
      How does LIGO compare to other major scientific achievements of the 20th and 21st centuries?
      It represents that next step and deeper dive into the understanding of energy. There is so much that we do not know but will start to understand with LIGO that it will be exciting over the next few years.

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