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  • Not from our own perspective

    Yes it still seems incredible to me… only thing stranger is when I think about the fact that an objects journey to the depth of a black hole is instantaneous but on hold for possibly billions of years for us.

    We are spinning relative to many other things we can observe in space.

    We would need to have a complete understanding what contentiousness actually is. IIT sounds like a step in the right direction however, as expand in this lesson, it sounds more like a description of it’s characteristics than a true understanding.

    I’m not sure subjectivity presents any more of a challenge for the objective study of consciousness than it does for the scientific study of anything else. It must be overcome through collaboration and seeking out differing perspectives.

    I think LIGO has the potential to be an extraordinary research tool.Between LIGO, quantum computing, and some of the new telescopes, hopefully will be able to provide better direction and focus for Theoretical Physicists.

    I think change is inevitable but will come about slowly.

    Yes, but it’s not just formal teaching. I find that anytime I try to explain my thoughts to someone that has a slightly different perspective than mine (so almost everyone), my thought process is expanded. If you are trying to get your pint across to someone, you naturally force yourself to see things from what you believe to be their point of reference. I believe this is why teaching is among many activities that provides a deeper understanding.

    Ii believe there are different levels of consciousness just as everything else in life… some creatures experience a sense self of being but don’t know love or anxiety or perhaps sadness and pain. I believe there is an entire spectrum of consciousness and that all living things experience varying levels of these conscious feelings.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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