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1.4 Schrödinger’s Cat and Superposition of States

This graphic explains the famous example of Schrödinger’s cat, who exists in a superposition of live or dead states, until we make the observation of whether the cat is alive or dead.

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Would a stream of neutrinos (instead of a stream of photons) also collapse the superposition to dead or alive?
Robert Ruxandrescu
This is incomplete: there is a quantum trigger that breaks the poison recipient based on the decay (or not) of a radioactive particle. This is essential.
Roger Puffett
Didn't Schrodinger use this concept to illustrate the ludicrous nature of the concept of superposition? Is there a difference between the superposition of possible outcomes and probability of each of the possible outcomes?
Sebastien Boussely
Shouldn't there be a quantum trigger to open the poison box ?

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