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3.1 Everyone Can Be A Scientist

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Anthony Toledo
This resonates with me. This way of thinking is something new to me and I have adapted this recent mindset in the face of the utmost adversity. I see this global, western in particular, disturbance as a collective awakening, spiritual and intellectual; yes I dare say the two in one statement. This awakening will continue and is growing ever so quickly. The fasting diets and YouTube results are showing a collective increase in the thirst for authentic knowledge, not lies. Too many sources have provided the intellectual inquisitive researcher a plethora of wealth to draw upon. 2020 is the year of vision and the Age of Enlightenment.
Luke Gurbin
Mech warfare and proximity create problems. When we cannot travel to ride dolphins in Athens, there is no value of their jetskis. Mech warfare may not be over, as the robotics settle in. This almost always creates the borders, new borders, forcing us out of considerations for the environment.

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