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41.1 Implications for Mass: Intuitive Explanation

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Waqar Ahmad
There has been a lot of debate whether there is relativistic mass or not. Many textbooks used to include this concept but now even introductory university level textbooks like Halliday Resnick Krane Physics 5th edition, University Physics by Young and Freedman (13th edition onwards) don't mention this mass variation concept. Even some qualified people have made videos on youtube to negate this concept completely. Even LHC people don't buy this concept! Why are you still using it?
Roger Puffett
My (limited) understanding is that this video was developed as part of the short (intuitive) course, and that its value is as an introduction, a teaching aid, to an element of the full math version. The use of teaching aids should be selected to be appropriate for the intended audience - as a member of that audience I find the material challenging enough - nevertheless the Don Lincoln videos do make for a useful short, sharp shock of insight.
Anthony Frey
If the mass is increasing then the kinetic and total energy are increasing. This would be inconsistent with conservation of energy. Where is this "extra" energy coming from ?

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